As the school nurse, I work with staff and students to promote health and wellness. I will be checking immunization records for compliance, monitoring student medication administration, providing staff training as necessary, performing health screenings, following up on chronic absenteeism, and assisting as needed with student health needs.

Here are a couple of “housekeeping” items:


Please remind your child not to share hats, brushes or hair accessories. If you notice any excessive itching of his/her head, either check for head lice, or notify the school of your concern. If lice or nits (eggs) are found, please inform the school immediately as your child must be treated for lice and all lice removed before returning to school. Checking your child’s head occasionally will help keep episodes of head lice from becoming epidemic in your school. The health room staff are available to assist with managing any cases that occur.


Please keep the school informed of any communicable diseases that your child may have (such as chicken pox, pink eye, strep infections, mono, etc). This information is important in order to provide appropriate surveillance and to assist the school in preventing further spread.


If your child requires medications while at school (either prescription or over-the-counter), please review the school’s medication policy and complete the necessary Medication Administration form¸ along with obtaining a doctor’s signature as required. The school is unable to provide medication to your child without the proper form(s) completed.


If your child requires any healthcare assistance while at school, please contact me so that arrangements can be coordinated. I am here to partner in the health and safety of your child.


I can be reached during school hours, Monday through Thursday via email at erica.nissila@yorkville.k12.wi.us.  You can also call the school office and leave me a message.  Looking forward to a great school year at Kansasville Elementary!

 Erica Nissila, RN

District Nurse for Kansasville, Raymond, Union Grove Elementary,  and Yorkville Schools.

Important Health Documents

Immunization News
Should your Child Stay Home?
Healthy Habits
Flu Facts & precautions
Non Prescription Drugs Form
Prescription Drugs Forms
Scoliosis Information
Meningitis Information
your child may be using drugs

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