Guidelines for Kindness and Respect

1. When responding to any adult, you must answer by saying, ” Yes,” or ” No”. Just nodding your
head or saying any other form of yes or no is not acceptable.
2. Quickly learn the names of other teachers in the school and greet them by name.
3. Make eye contact. When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times. If
someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.
4. If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return.
5. During discussion, respect other students’ comments, opinions and ideas.
6. If a teacher in the school is speaking to or disciplining a student, mind your own business.
7. We will often have visitors to our school. Welcome and treat them with respect.
8. Always say thank you when someone gives you something. If you do not say it within three
seconds after receiving the item, it will be taken back.
9. When you are given something from someone, never insult that person by making negative
comments about the gift or by insinuating that it wasn’t appreciated.
10.Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.
11.Whether we are in school or on a field trip, if someone drops something, pick it up and hand it
back to them.
12.If you approach a door and someone is following you, hold the door open.
13.If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault, say, “Excuse me.”
14.Never skip in line. If someone skips in front of you, do not say or do anything about it. Let it
happen, but let me know about it. I will handle the situation. Please handle all disputes with other
classmates in the same manner, by coming to me with any problems before you take matters into
your own hands.
15.If any child in this school is bothering you, let me know. I am your teacher, and I am here to look
after you and protect you. I am not going to let anyone in this school bully you or make you feel
uncomfortable. In return, I ask that you not take matters into you own hands; let me deal with the
16.If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, we will congratulate that person.
17.If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose do not show anger.
18.Do not save seats in the classroom or at an assembly. If someone wants to sit down, let him or
her. Do not try to exclude anyone. We are a family, and we must treat one another with respect
and kindness.
19.During an assembly, do not speak and do not look around and try to get the attention of your
friends in other classes. We should show appreciation in an appropriate manner.
20.When you cough, sneeze, or burp, it is appropriate to turn your head away from others and cover
your mouth with your elbow. Using a fist is not acceptable. Afterward, you should say, ” Excuse Me.”

21.Do not smack your lips, tsk, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.
22.Do not ask for a reward.
23.After you eat, clean up after yourselves. This includes cleaning off the tables and desktops making
sure we haven’t left any trash on the floor or around the eating area. It is important to be
responsible for your trash no matter where you are and to be sure not to litter.
24.Whenever you are offered food, whether it be at lunch or treats in class, never take more than
your fair share. You never want to be greedy and try to get more than you can eat. Not only
because it is wasteful but also because it is disrespectful to others when you do not leave enough
for them.
25.Flush the toilet and wash your hands after using the rest room. Keep yourself and the bathroom
germ free.
26.During a movie or presentation, there will be no talking.
27.When in a line, walk single file, with your arms at your sides. You should quietly face forward at all
28.When we ride on a bus, we will always sit facing forward. We will not turn around to talk to other
students, stick anything out of the windows, or get out of our seats. When we exit the bus, we will
always thank the bus driver and chaperones.
29.When we are on a field trip, there will be no talking as we enter a building. We will enter the
building so quietly that no one will even notice that we are there.
30.When we go on field trips we will meet different people. When I introduce you to the people, make
sure that you remember their names. Then, when we are leaving, make sure to shake their hands
and thank them.
31.If we are on a field trip, it is a good idea to compliment something about the place where we are
32.While you are with a substitute teacher, you will obey the same rules that you follow when your
teacher is with you. (This can be hard, but is important.)
33.You will make every effort to be as organized as possible.
34.We will follow certain classroom rules. We will be organized, efficient and on task.
A. Do not get out of your seat without permission. Exception: If you are sick, leave immediately.
B. Do not speak unless:
1. You raise your hand, and I call on you.
2. I ask you a question and you are responding.
3. It is recess or lunch.
4. I instruct you otherwise (for example, during group work).
35.When we read together in class, you must follow along. If I call on you to read, you must know
exactly where we are and begin reading immediately.
36.When I assign homework, there is to be no moaning or complaining. This may result in an
additional assignment.
37.Homework will be turned in on time.
38.If you have a question about your homework, you may contact me.
39.Answer all written questions with a complete sentence.
40.Occasionally we may grade each other’s papers as a group. The only marks you are allowed to
make on others’ papers are an “X” or “” and the score.
41.When we are in transition from one subject to the other, the change will be swift, quiet and orderly.
42.You may bring a bottle of water and leave it on your classroom desk or in your teacher’s
designated area. Do not ask me if you can get water while I am teaching a lesson.
43.Be sure to push in your chair when you leave your work area.
44.Be positive and enjoy life. Some things just aren’t worth getting upset over. Keep everything in
perspective and focus on the good in your life.
45.Live so that you will never have regrets. Work hard and follow the rules to make your dreams
come true. This relates in sports and extra curricular activities– finish what you start.
46.Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
47.No matter what the circumstances, always be honest. Even if you have done something wrong, it
is best to admit it to me, because I will respect that.
48.Be the best person you can be.

Clark, Ron; The Essential 55; New York, Hyperion, 2003.

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